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The Serotonin Solution

Judith J. Wurtman, PhD, is an internationally-recognized scientist known for her decades of pioneering research into the complex relationship between the brain and eating.

This title, with nine printings, appeared on the USA Today and Barnes & Noble bestseller lists. It was a Featured Alternate of Book-of-the-Month Club as well as a selection of the Quality Paperback Book Club. Foreign rights sold.

It is important to recognize that serotonin hunger can be satisfied only by eating carbohydrates. One carbohydrate-craving volunteer knew this intuitively, consistently rejecting the vending machine’s protein snacks in favor of the sweet and starchy ones. But many of you who are trying to lose weight have been so brainwashed by the various diet programs you’ve followed that you fully believe carbohydrates spell doom to your efforts. So, even when protein is unappealing, your reach for it, or for fruit, in an effort to stave off a binge but end up with a brain that is still desperately seeking serotonin.